The latest news from Einride

Designing for change: The value of updating a brand identity to drive engagement

Changing the freight industry from the ground up is complicated, to say the least. It’s our job to make the transition as easy as possible, and design our brand and our solutions around it.

Shoot for the moon: Pushing the boundaries of transport sustainability and performance

The best way forward for road freight to eliminate emissions and reach global targets while remaining cost-competitive with diesel freight is through the wide-scale implementation of autonomous electric transport (AET). That means implementing networking software for electric and autonomous transport that considers the unique characteristics of these new freight systems.

The future of electric transport: driving change with intelligent solutions

Electrification is the only way for road freight to reach emission reduction goals. Einride makes it possible with intelligent freight mobility and autonomous electric transport (AET) solutions.

Oatly and Einride team up for sustainable transport in Sweden with electric trucks

Swedish freight mobility technology company Einride and Oatly, the world's premier oat-based food producer have announced a new partnership to transport goods in Sweden via electric truck, saving over 430 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Lidl and Einride partner up to electrify transport in Sweden

Einride will supply electric trucks to Lidl this year as the next step in a long-term partnership to transform Lidl’s supply chain to be emissions-free.

Einride named a winner in Nextgen Logistics and Transportation in the 2020 Edison Awards

Transportation as a Service (TaaS) by Einride took the silver Edison Award for Nextgen Logistics within the Transportation and Logistics category. The winners were announced on April 1, 2020.

Einride Will Hire Its First Remote Autonomous Truck Operator in 2020

In the coming years as self-driving technology is implemented on a global scale, the trucking industry will change fundamentally. As a leader in self-driving freight mobility, Einride will hire a dedicated autonomous truck operator this year, responsible for both remote driving and oversight of the Einride Pod’s fully-autonomous operations.

Google veteran joins Einride as Chief Commercial Officer to accelerate commercialization

Jonas Hernlund, most recently head of Google’s Investor & Startup operations in Northern Europe and a former executive at a leading logistics firm, joins Einride in March as Chief Commercial Officer to accelerate the commercialization process and deliver on the company’s commercial agenda.