Intelligent movement

The new, sustainable way to move goods – changing transport at its core.

Be part of the change

Forget the status quo, sustainable transport is now achievable and cost-competitive. Einride gives you the logistics of tomorrow, today. Don’t wait for your business to be disrupted by change – pioneer the change.

Sustainable transport

Make the transport of goods more sustainable for your business – and the environment.

Sustainable business

Lower your operational cost and maximize efficiency with predictable, intelligent transport.

Sustainable intelligence

Realize higher filling rates while supporting the transition to eco-friendly transport.

The Einride Service

Plan, order and track your sustainable transport. You can drive the transition to sustainable transport and gain a competitive edge with our high-performance transport service.


Stand up and stand out! Ship your goods with an eco-friendly and cost-competitive solution.


Don’t wait for disruption! Change the game with your own Autonomous Electric Transport system.

The evolution to
Autonomous Electric Transport

Einride provides the mind and the muscle to transform transport. We offer a complete Autonomous Electric Transport (AET) solution consisting of an intelligent shipping platform and our electrically powered, driverless Einride Pods. Are you ready to join the evolution?


Ready for a smarter way to move goods from A to B? Einride’s digital solution is a seamless experience – from booking to delivery


Ready to join the evolution to sustainable transport? We can help you use electric vehicles to reduce emissions while boosting productivity.


Ready for a win-win solution? By making autonomous transport a reality, Einride is setting the course for safer roads and more energy-efficient transport.

The Einride Pods

Einride Pods are autonomous, all-electric transport vehicles equipped with specialized modular trailers for pallets, timber, perishable goods, and anything else you need to ship.

TruckLoading capacityRange per chargeTop speedBattery CapacitySizeWeight fully loaded
Einride pallet Pod15 pallets200 km85 km/h200kWh7 x 2.5m26 tons
Einride timber Pod16 tons200 km85 km/h300kWh7.3 x 2.5m26 tons
Einride pallet PodEinride timber Pod
Loading capacity
15 pallets16 tons
Range per charge
200 km200 km
Top speed
85 km/h85 km/h
Battery capacity
7 x 2.5m7.3 x 2.5m
Weight fully loaded
26 tons26 tons

The future is yours to create

Einride is making the movement of goods more intelligent: emission-free, safe, cost-effective, and ultimately sustainable. You can help make the change by challenging conventional thinking, utilizing cutting edge technology and inspiring people to take responsibility for the planet and each other.

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