Einride COO transitions to new role as U.S. General Manager to spur global expansion

Former Chief Operations Officer (COO) Niklas Reinedahl will be responsible for developing Einride’s business in one of the world’s largest freight markets.

Mr. Reinedahl brings his expertise in industrial strategy and operations to the United States, one of the world’s largest transport markets and a hotbed for technological development. As U.S. General Manager, he will be responsible for growing Einride’s business and operations there as a global leader in autonomous and electric transport.

“We have a unique opportunity and obligation to transform road freight to be sustainable, autonomous, and cost-competitive, especially markets like the U.S. I am delighted to have the opportunity to bring the intelligent movement abroad and further solidify Einride’s position as the global leader in freight mobility,” said Niklas Reinedahl.

As COO of Einride for the past two years, Mr. Reinedahl has been responsible for implementing, operating, and learning from Autonomous Electric Transport (AET) solutions at customer sites in Sweden and throughout Europe, with major international clients like DB Schenker, Lidl, Oatly, Coca-Cola, and Michelin. Mr. Reinedahl has also leveraged core technology from AET in enabling the operational business case of going Electric today through the support of Einride's Freight Mobility Platform. Prior to joining Einride, he spent eight years in various management positions within the Volvo Group, most recently at Volvo Construction Equipment as Global Director Industrial Strategy. Mr. Reinedahl also has a long history of success in strategy consulting, most notably with Accenture for over five years.

“Niklas has been central to Einride’s growth and development for years, and is an integral part of our management team. While we will miss his presence as COO, there is no better candidate to lead us to meet our ambitious expansion goals in the U.S., and he will be a central figure in the transition to a better, more sustainable world through intelligent freight mobility,” said Robert Falck, CEO and founder of Einride.