The Pod
Electric and autonomous


The Pod is the first all-electric, totally autonomous transport vehicle to operate on a public road in the world. With remote monitoring and operation capability, our engineers and trained operators can oversee and control the Pod on-demand, with no need for a human driver onboard. Technology doesn’t get cooler than this.

By installing the Pod and freight mobility platform in our partners’ transport networks, we can effectively eliminate CO2 and NOx emissions, significantly reduce freight costs, dramatically improve road safety, and increase productivity by 200 percent over traditional diesel transport. Be part of the intelligent movement.

See the Pod in action



In 2019, the Pod became the first all-electric, self-driving transport vehicle to operate on a public road in Sweden. With no space for a driver onboard, it’s the only truck of its kind.



With an electric drivetrain, the Pod emits no greenhouse gases or harmful pollutants. It’s a sustainable and health-friendly alternative to diesel freight.


Traffic collisions

Vision Zero is a road safety project with the goal of no fatalities or serious road injuries in traffic. The Pod makes freight safer through intelligent hardware and remote operation.


Loading capacity
15-18 pallets
Range per charge
130-180 km
Gross vehicle weight
26 tonnes
16 tonnes
Automated charging
A new type of vehicle being tested by Swedish start-up Einride and it could soon disrupt the transportation industry.