Making Earth a better place


Climate change is the most important challenge we face today. Humanity has an endless capacity for creativity, but in many areas we remain resistant to change. The road freight industry accounts for 7 percent of global CO2 emissions, consuming over 5 million barrels of oil per year. Einride was started in 2016 as a dream, one based on the conviction that the age of autonomy and electrification gives us the opportunity to create a more desirable version of the future, one that is aligned with human-centric values and the ecological necessities of our planet. With Autonomous Electric Transport (AET) and an intelligent Freight Mobility Platform, we can change road freight for good.

What we do


Without an intelligent, interconnected ecosystem working behind the scenes to optimize the transition, switching to an electric and autonomous fleet will be nearly impossible. The Einride Freight Mobility Platform allows shippers and carriers to offer faster, greener, and cheaper freight. Though digitalization we are able to deliver better experiences and build sustainable relationships for our customers.


By substituting electricity for diesel freight, associated CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 90% at the source. We can also eliminate NOx and other air pollutants that are harmful to public health, especially in condensed urban areas. As an added bonus, electric transport results in an overall cost reduction when implemented and coordinated at scale by our platform.


Autonomous vehicles are the future of transport. Our Pod currently operates on public roads and at customer sites in Sweden with remote oversight and drive capability. To manage the transition to full autonomy, we developed a proprietary five-step framework. Levels 1 and 2 require limited regulatory oversight and represent highly controllable environments such as fenced facilities or nearby deliveries on public roads, while level 5 represents dense and complex urban environments.


Robert Falck

After several years as an engineering manager at a certain truck manufacturer in western Sweden, Robert Falck was unsatisfied with the commitment of OEMs to developing sustainable and autonomous freight solutions. A serial entrepreneur with several startups under his belt, he founded Einride in 2016 with a vision to revolutionize transport, gathering some of the most talented people in Sweden to develop the Pod, the first totally driverless electric freight vehicle to operate on a public road in the world.

Linnéa Kornehed

As Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), co-founder, and a member of the board, Linnéa Kornehed is responsible for making Einride a household name in sustainable, autonomous transport. One of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Europe for 2020, the Einride brand has garnered worldwide media attention under her leadership, from TechCrunch and Wired to BBC and the Washington Post. Before starting Einride, she worked in product development and IT consulting with several startups.

Filip Lilja

A passionate business developer and builder of high-performing teams, Filip Lilja is co-founder and VP of Special Projects at Einride. He has a wide range of experience in several fields, from IT consultancy to sonar operation in the Swedish Armed Forces.