The intelligent movement company

Part commercial enterprise, part revolutionary movement, Einride is bent on a complete transformation of the transportation industry.

By challenging conventional thinking, by utilizing big data and cutting-edge technology — and by inspiring people to take responsibility for the planet and each other — Einride is making the movement of goods more intelligent: emission-free, safe, cost-effective, and ultimately, sustainable.


Intelligent movement means: zero emissions, zero waste, zero traffic deaths. Technology has progressed to make it happen. It’s time for hearts and minds to follow.

Robert Falck, president and founder

Data is the most efficient propellant

Einride partners with forward looking, transport-intensive companies to facilitate their transition to a sustainable transportation system. Rethinking road transport from scratch, Einride’s solution is based on autonomous, all-electric vehicles, coordinated by an intelligent routing software, that integrates customer data, traffic data, etc. to optimize delivery time, battery life and energy consumption — making the journey from A to B as efficient as possible.


A team effort

Developing the next generation road transportation is not a one-man’s game – it requires a wide range of aptitudes and skill sets. Einride is growing fast, and is always looking for smart, creative, kind-hearted people who think big – and aim for zero. Want to join the movement? Check out the career page for openings.

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