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Intelligent and dynamic

The freight mobility platform makes the transport solutions of the future possible today with intelligent planning and operations, preparing your business for electrification and automation.


Sustainable and cost-competitive

By going electric you can significantly reduce your emissions and make your transport more cost-competitive.


The future of transport, today

The Pod is 100% electric, 100% autonomous, and makes transport safer, more sustainable, and more effective with remote operation and control. The future of freight is already here.

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Freight mobility platform
Making autonomous, electric transport possible today

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Cutting-edge network insights
Attribution of cost
Network CO2 emissions
Efficiency bottleneck identification
Recommendations for electric and autonomous
Impact analysis for electric vehicles
Autonomous transport opportunities
Transport execution system for shipping
Shipment flow digitalization
Electric and autonomous operating systems
Live shipment tracking with ETAs
Shipment-level CO2 emissions
Next-gen transport solutions
Access to electric vehicles and infrastructure
Access to autonomous transport

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Frequently asked questions

As soon as you onboard the freight mobility platform, we make it possible to source electric transport outfitted with our telematics hardware and optimized to interface with the platform. Our customers are getting started shipping with electric freight as early as Q3 of 2020.
The freight mobility platform analyzes your entire transport network and provides detailed recommendations for where electrification and automation will have the most impact on sustainability and cost-effectiveness. All it takes is to get set up with the platform.
Electric and autonomous transport requires battery-powered trucks, charging infrastructure, and remote oversight and operations capability. Einride will help you source all the necessary hardware - trucks, Pods, and more - and the platform will automatically provide recommendations on how to use your existing charging infrastructure most effectively, as well as plan for new development.