Tech industry growth expert joins Einride as Chief Operations Officer to propel customer deliveries

Swedish tech industry veteran Ellen Kugelberg joins Einride to scale up the operations team, streamline customer deliveries, and improve hardware and software development.

A veteran of multiple tech companies in Europe, Ms. Kugelberg will fill the role of Chief Operations Officer (COO) at Einride following the appointment of former COO Niklas Reinedahl to the U.S. General Manager position

At Einride, she will develop both the operations team and partnerships, support customer assessments, onboarding new customers, implementing Einride’s leading freight mobility solutions, and overseeing the operation of customer transport. Ms. Kugelberg will also be responsible for maintaining profitability in Einride’s projects, and ensure continuous learning from operations of both hardware and software to support and improve product development.

“My passion is for driving change in organizations to reach their fullest potential, with a focus on the continuous growth and development of both central processes and the people that make them work. Einride has a unique opportunity to lead the charge towards a better future through sustainable and autonomous transport, and I am excited for the opportunity to be a part of the movement,” said Ellen Kugelberg.

Prior to joining Einride, she spent almost five years at McKinsey, over three years at EF Education First as Executive VP of Technology, and five years at Swedish telecom giant Telenor, as Head of Small and Medium Enterprise and Head of Sales for the Bredbandsbolaget division. In these roles, she was responsible for driving large transformational projects, both strategic and operational, and spurring short-term and long-term growth. Ms. Kugelberg also founded and served as president and board member of LegiLexi, a foundation with a mission to support and empower teachers in Swedish schools, with concrete tools, to help all children learn to read, and give joy and motivation for a life of continued learning.

“To change the future of freight and build a better world through intelligent movement, we are constantly searching for the best and brightest people to help us drive the change. Ellen is a tech industry veteran with an impressive track record of ensuring profitability and overseeing rapid technological growth from an operations perspective. We are delighted to welcome her to Einride, and to see the expertise she brings to the team in action,” said Robert Falck, CEO and founder of Einride.