Erikssons Åkeri in Tomelilla offering electric transport with Einride

Einride and Eriksson's Åkeri in Tomelilla are partnering to offer electrified transport in the south of Sweden starting in the autumn of 2020. The partnership makes Eriksson’s the first regional carrier partner for Einride, and will include operations with select shippers such as Oatly.

Erikssons Åkeri in Tomelilla, operating since the 1950s, has extensive knowledge of the transport industry in Sweden, and is now taking the step to offer operations of electric transport with vehicles coordinated by Einride’s freight mobility platform for maximum efficiency and emissions reduction potential.

“We are proud to work with Erikssons and roll out electric trucks on their delivery routes. With every electric vehicle we roll out and manage with the platform, we strike a blow to CO2 emissions and other harmful pollutants from the road freight industry,” says Niklas Reinedahl, COO of Einride. “To operate electric trucks as effectively as possible, a new type of vehicle planning is needed, which is nearly impossible to do manually. With our solutions, Eriksson’s Åkeri can offer electric shipments throughout its network with the maximum impact on emissions reduction while remaining cost-competitive.”

Several major shippers in Sweden have gone public with their environmental goals and the desire to switch to sustainable freight. Despite this, there is a distinct lack of electric vehicle options on the market for heavy transport. Einride’s solution makes it easier for carriers to source electric trucks and offer zero-emissions transport now, exponentially improving the sustainability case and ease of implementation and operation with the freight mobility platform.

“We are pleased to work with Einride to deliver sustainable deliveries. There is great demand in the market for electric vehicles, both from businesses and consumers, and together with Einride we can accelerate the transition." says Gunnar Eriksson, CEO of Erikssons Åkeri.

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