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Linnéa Kornehed: “We believe that with great design we can accelerate the transition to sustainable transport”


“We design the future. To accomplish that we need to work with the best creative professionals and designers. Doberman and Einride share the belief that design and experience are powerful tools in developing new services that will help us drive change towards a sustainable future”, says Linnéa Kornehed, Co-Founder and CMO at Einride.

Implementing an autonomous, electric transport system, deploying driverless, electric trucks, will affect how companies work with logistics and transport. Humans and technology will intersect in new ways and through new touchpoints.

“We believe that design can help accelerate the transition to sustainable transport. Using a design-driven approach to innovation, we can help our customers lower the barriers for adopting new technology in their organizations”, continues Linnéa Kornehed.

“Our model is to contribute both capital and design- and innovation competence to growth companies. We focus on people and businesses that can provide real value to the world and where we see design playing a crucial role to succeed. Einride is a textbook example of that and we are so proud of being part of their journey”, says Klara Leander, head of investment at Doberman Forward.

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