Electrify your retail transport network in 3 steps


Electrify your retail transport network in 3 steps

The road freight industry is at a turning point. Diesel is wildly unsustainable and harmful to the environment, and biofuels like HVO are selling you a false promise that only incremental change will suffice by swapping one combustible fuel for another.

Retailers are facing a similar crossroads, expected to keep up with skyrocketing demand - especially from e-commerce during the pandemic - while delivering on sustainability goals throughout the supply chain, including in transport. With diesel freight, these two goals are at odds, as increased demand leads to increased environmental impact. To truly make road freight sustainable and mitigate the outsized effect it has on the environment - while also working for businesses - an entirely new approach is needed.With technology designed specifically to implement and operate electric freight networks, a sustainable way to ship is not only possible but cost-competitive. In just one month, shippers can see a nearly 90% emissions reduction, increase utilization rates of each electric shipment, and reduce tonnes of CO2 each month compared to diesel.

So how can your business get started shipping electric? Our onboarding process consists of three steps in which we own all the complexity. All we need from you is a desire to ship sustainably. Here’s how it works:


1. Analyze your transport network and find lanes for electrification

For electrification to be effective in your network at reducing emissions and cost, it’s crucial to know where to start. With our freight mobility platform we can import historical data and make projections to assess both the operational scope and electrification potential of your network.

Once your network has been thoroughly analyzed, you get detailed recommendations for which lanes you should electrify first and foremost. When it comes to shipping electric, our models take every possible factor into consideration - distance, topography, weather and traffic conditions, time of year, even whether you ship refrigerated goods frequently.

As you get your first shipments going and we learn more about your network, we build a 5-year transformation plan tailored to your business. This includes the timing for implementation based on your emissions reduction goals, budget considerations, network flexibility, and more, ensuring that the full-scale transition to electric will be as smooth and simple as possible for your supply chain.

2. Get access to electric trucks and develop infrastructure

Now that plans have been made and lanes chosen, it’s time to get started with electric shipments. Whether you own your own transport or use a carrier partner, we adapt the solution to your network. Our turnkey solution provides the drivers, digital infrastructure, and even the trucks to make operations as simple as possible. Through our hardware partners we offer multiple vehicle options to suit your freight needs.

With our customers that have started shipping electric, we’ve already driven tens of thousands of kilometers and seen a 95% CO2 emissions reduction compared to diesel. Those figures are achievable immediately, from the moment you start shipping zero-emissions. And getting access to the hardware necessary is a matter of months, not years like some OEMs would have you believe.

Though our platform takes existing charging infrastructure into account when deciding where and how to electrify your network, building additional infrastructure to support increased electrification is a necessity. Without the right tools, this would be a guessing game, so we provide detailed recommendations on exactly where and how much to invest in charging infrastructure based on your network’s 5-year transformation plan.

3. Start shipping sustainably

The plans are set, trucks are on the ground, and chargers are ready to use in as little as 6 months from the initial analysis. Now it’s time to start shipping electric. The shipper platform for planners and managers gives you a live map view of your transport network, as well as environmental and logistics insights in real-time. You can also use it to generate sustainability reports for whomever you need to show off your positive environmental impact to, be it your customers, board members, even your parents.

On the ground, our shipper app lets you streamline loading and unloading digitally, while the driver app integrates with the vehicle’s onboard telematics to give live vehicle information, as well as detailed driving and delivery instructions and precise delivery and arrival times to allow for better internal planning. Each shipper that goes electric with us also gets access to premium support around the clock, for any questions you might have, or even if you just want to chat about the weather.

Shippers in Sweden are already making electric deliveries with us every day of the week. The only question left is: when will your business make the transition?

© 2022 Einride. All rights reserved.

© 2022 Einride. All rights reserved.