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“Can we work together? Sure, but first I want to invest in the company”


How did you come in contact with Einride?

“I first met Einride’s founder Robert Falck two years ago and we have since then had an ongoing discussion about how technology can help improve society. We have debated energy, transportation, robots, batteries, climate change and the politics around these issues. Robert explained his Einride-idea and its mission to transform road freight transport, a fossil fuel dependent industry that is inefficient, bad for both the environment and humans and that has not changed for decades.

Why did you invest?

“One of the things Robert and I discussed was the need for a constructive public debate about topics like electrification and self-driving vehicles and that needs to take place on many different levels in society, among consumers, academics, politicians and businesses. Robert asked me if I could help out. I said yes, but I wanted to invest in Einride as well. To have both brain and wallet in Einride’s intelligent movement. Now I have.”

To change an entire industry is not easy. Why do you think Einride will succeed?

“Robert has a bold vision and a great way of attracting the right people. He wants to challenge the status quo and change road freight transport by introducing a more intelligent system, based on self-driving, electric trucks, that is both sustainable and cost efficient. The last part is crucial. Companies need a compelling business incentive to change. Einride has that. The company has already lined up an impressive list of investors and customers like DB Schenker and Lidl Sweden.”


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