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Make the switch: The 6 steps to intelligent electric freight

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5 min read

Make the switch: The 6 steps to intelligent electric freight

How does the transition towards smarter and more sustainable freight operations look when you ship with Einride? To show you how businesses can accelerate electrification without complexity or costly overheads, here are the 6 steps to intelligent electric freight.

Einride helps businesses transform their shipping operations. Part of this includes operating electric and autonomous electric vehicles. But Einride doesn’t actually sell vehicles. And while Einride moves goods for its clients, it is more than an electric-based carrier company.

So what does Einride do? And how is it helping businesses around the world reduce their shipping emissions by up to 95%?

Freight mobility: Intelligent movement of goods

Einride is a technology company that provides freight mobility as a service. That means it helps businesses unlock more intelligent movement of goods – in other words, smarter, more sustainable, and more efficient operations.

Businesses that ship with Einride not only have their goods moved without any direct emissions, they also access the sweeping benefits of digital intelligence. This includes freight operations which make higher utilization of physical assets such as electric vehicles and charging infrastructure – thanks to quality data and algorithms – which yields greater cost-effectiveness.

These shippers will also benefit from having a clear pathway to autonomous operations, with Einride achieving historic milestones when it comes to deploying autonomous heavy-duty vehicles on public roads.

By shipping with Einride, businesses can make the switch to intelligent freight operations based on the latest digital, electric and autonomous technology.

Einride as your ecosystem partner

Rather than only carrying goods for the shipper, Einride partners with businesses to guide them through the transition. This includes roadmapping how that transition will look, setting up the infrastructure, getting their shipments in motion, and helping the business scale its electric freight operations over time.

Einride takes care of all the infrastructure needed to transform the shipper’s operations. This includes providing the electric vehicles (and in some instances, autonomous electric vehicles) and installing the required charging infrastructure.

Getting electric vehicles on the road is just one part of the story. Replacing diesel trucks with electric trucks 1-to-1 is not a cost-effective way to electrify, nor does it accelerate electrification. This is why Einride also provides all the digital infrastructure needed to truly shift businesses towards more efficient and cost-effective operations. 

In other words, Einride handles the complexity of electrification and digital transformation so the shipper doesn’t have to. 

A one-stop “turnkey” solution

The service is provided as a subscription model, including capacity as a service. This means there are no costly overhead investments in vehicles or charging hardware for the shipper. 

When you sign up to ship with Einride, you pay a monthly fee to get access to the service, which includes our software solutions as well as access to electric vehicles, charging, drivers, maintenance, and support.

Showing the world a new way to move

Einride has been live with customer operations for over 3 years. Today, it operates one of the largest fleets of electric trucks in Europe, as well as one of the largest and fastest-growing fleets in the US. Current markets include Sweden, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and the US – with others to come.

The 6 steps: What happens when you ship with Einride?

If you’re interested in making the switch to intelligent electric shipping, be sure to leave your details via this form. Our representatives can guide you through the journey in greater detail with respect to your specific business needs.   

01. Connect

Meet our solution developers

After you get in touch, our solution developers will analyze your freight operations. Leveraging Einride’s digital intelligence, based on unique data and algorithms, they will identify the most suitable routes to electrify for the greatest environmental impact and cost savings.

02. Plan

Receive an electrification roadmap 

Get a business plan that shows you how shipping with Einride will reduce your emissions over time while improving operational efficiency. This roadmap will show phase 1 of electrification as well as the longer-term plan for larger transport scopes, such as country-level transport networks.

03. Deploy

Einride prepares the infrastructure

In addition to providing vehicles and drivers, Einride will install or provide access to all the charging infrastructure needed to implement phase 1 of your electrification roadmap. You will also be onboarded to the essential digital infrastructure: the intelligent freight mobility platform Einride Saga.

04. Ship

Shipping operations begin

Einride moves your goods – and your emissions are reduced. Through the digital platform Einride Saga, you can book shipments, oversee all movements, and make adjustments in real time.

05. Optimize

Operations are continually optimized

Einride Saga will continue to process learnings about your shipping operations over time. It will make ongoing adjustments to unlock further efficiencies. Some of these will be integrated automatically, while others will come in the form of actionable insights (recommendations).

06. Scale

Electrify more of your network

Scale up with Einride as your transportation needs grow or evolve, and benefit from a clear path to autonomous operations. Einride Saga guides you at every step, suggesting which lane(s) to target next for the best outcomes – whether you’re electrifying another route or your entire freight network. Our representatives can also assist you at any stage of the process.


It can feel like a big hurdle to unlock intelligent and sustainable shipping operations, but Einride makes it easy. 

With an industry-leading digital, electric and autonomous logistics platform and extensive experience operating electric fleets, Einride is helping businesses around the world reach their emission-reduction goals in an intelligent and cost-effective way.

Ready to make the switch? Just leave your details here and an Einride representative will get in touch shortly.

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