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Become one of the first to offer electric and autonomous deliveries on the market. Shippers are asking for intelligent and sustainable solutions. By joining Einride, you stay on top of where the demand is.


and dynamic

Make your work easier with a digitalized interface that brings everything under one roof. The platform gathers constant data and continuously finds ways to improve. Say goodbye to waybills and papers with an integrated solution.


and cost-competitive

Get access to the latest sustainable freight technology and transform not just your operations, but the entire industry. Electric, autonomous transport is the future. Lead the change.

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Frequently asked questions

By switching to electric freight alone, you can reduce CO2 and NOX emissions as well as other harmful pollutants almost entirely. Electric freight also results in shipping cost savings of around 20% alone, while a system made up of mostly autonomous electric transport can cut costs in half.
In addition to its intelligent planning, scheduling, and routing capabilities, the platform makes your paper waybills a thing of the past, bringing billing and invoices all under one roof through the app. Drivers get a tailored app as well, with live vehicle insights and updates to routes or schedules to maximize efficiency.
The platform is optimized to work with vehicles equipped with our telematics hardware for the best results, but it can also interface with any other vehicle in your network: diesel, electric, and autonomous. We work with manufacturers to offer vehicles custom fit to interface with our solutions.